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Courtney Marie Andrews

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Every now and then you hear a voice that stops you in your tracks.  This was the case when I first listened to Courtney Marie Andrews.  A few months ago, Courtney emailed me saying she had heard about Monolith Agency via an NPR Marketplace story (You can listen to that HERE), and wondered if we’d be interested in working with her.  I streamed her new album On My Page, and was instantly floored.  Courtney is a phenomenal songwriter and musician, and her voice is stunning, to say the least.  In my eyes, this 22 year old songstress is THE modern day Joni Mitchell.  We couldn’t be happier to be working with Courtney for her first tour of Alaska.  – E.P.

Alaska Tour Dates (November, 2013)

Tuesday, November 12         Arctic Entries       7pm       Anchorage, AK

Wednesday, November 13      House Concert       7pm       Anchorage, AK

Thursday, November 14       90.3 KNBA Interview       5:30pm        Anchorage, AK

Thursday, November 14       Studio 2200     8pm       Anchorage, AK

Friday, November 15     House Concert      7:30pm      Anchorage, AK

Saturday, November 16       House Concert       7:30pm        Fairbanks, AK

Sunday, November 17     KSUA ‘Take Out Session’       7pm       Fairbanks, AK

Thursday, November 21       House Concert       7:30pm        Palmer, AK

Friday, November 22        Resurrect Art Coffee House        6:30pm          Seward, AK

Saturday, November 23        House Concert          7:30pm        Anchorage, AK

Sunday, November 24       Songwriting Workshop       7:30pm      Anchorage, AK

For house concert info contact Evan Phillips//evan@monolithagency.com

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