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In The Shadow of Denali – Emma Hill Alaska Spring Tour


Artwork by: Laúra E. Lauterbach

Emma Hill and longtime bandmate and producer, Bryan Daste, will be touring Alaska in April.  The duo have been recording their newest album  with the assistance of Alaskan-based producer Evan Phillips (The Whipsaws, Easton Stagger Phillips) and mixing engineer, James Glaves (Ghost Hands, Historian).  Although the new album (tentatively titled Denali) isn’t slated for release until August 2014, the band plans to give fans a sneak peak over the spring.  At the merch table, three new songs will be available via digital download with the purchase of limited edition, screen printed tour posters.  For now, you can listen to the title track of Denali here:

Emma Hill & Bryan Daste Alaska Spring Tour

Tuesday, April 1     Anchorage, AK     House Concert      7:30pm/ $10-$20

Wednesday, April 2     Anchorage, AK     House Concert     7:30pm/ $10-$20

Thursday, April 3     Fairbanks, AK     The Marlin     10pm/ $5

Friday, April 4     Fairbanks, AK     House Concert     7:30pm/ $10-$20

Saturday, April 5     Palmer, AK     Vagabond Blues     7:30pm/ $10-$15

Sunday, April 6     Eagle River, AK    House Concert    7pm/ $10-$20

Monday, April 7     Palmer, AK    House Concert      7pm/ $10-$20

Thursday, April 10     90.3 KNBA Interview     5:30pm

Thursday, April 10    Anchorage, AK     Taproot     9pm/ $7

Friday, April 11     Seward, AK     Resurrect Art Coffee House     7pm/ $10+

Saturday, April 12     Ninilchik, AK    The Peddler     7pm/ $25-$35

Saturday, April 12      Homer, AK     Kharacters     10pm

Sunday, April 13     Anchorage, AK     Studio 2200*    8pm

Monday, April 14     Sutton, AK    Sutton Library     7pm

For House Concert information, please contact Evan Phillips @ evan@monolithagency.com

                              * Private Show

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Got The We Shared Milk?



“…in firm command of a sound that has elements of hazed-out ’70s and slack-jawed ’90s, but sounds entirely up to date.”
-Portland Mercury

The We Shared Milk are another group of Portland-based Alaskan expats, who are making their presence known in the thick soup of NW bands; legend has it that some of them are from Talkeetna. These dudes have been busting their humps in Portland for the last few years and we have been chatting with them about hitting Alaskan stages for about as long.  The We Shared Milk has a sound that is a a bit of a departure from that which Monolith has been sharing with Alaska in the recent past, but we are certain Alaska will be into it.

We are especially a fan of their song “Drag” and we’ll let this video do the talking. Just do yourself a favor and check them out while you can.

The We Shared Milk Alaska Tour Dates

Thursday, March 27       Fairbanks, AK      The Marlin      10pm/ $5

Friday, March 28      Fairbanks, AK       UAF Pub       9:30pm/ $5

Saturday, March 29      Talkeetna, AK        Fairview Inn       10pm

Tuesday, April 1       Anchorage, AK       Studio 2200       7:30pm

Wednesday, April 2      Homer, AK      Kharacter’s          9:30pm

Thursday, April 3      Anchorage, AK       Humpy’s Alehouse           9:30pm

Friday, April 4     Anchorage, AK       Taproot         9:30pm/ $7  w/ The Sweeteners

Saturday, April 5       Seward, AK      Yukon Bar        9:3opm

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Paul Basile Comes Home



Paul Basile, singer/songwriter and frontman of the acclaimed NYC band Great Elk, will tour Alaska later this month for the first time since 2007. Basile got his start in Bethel, AK, where he lived for several years and recorded his first album. Since then he’s gone on to live in Brooklyn, NY, where he started Great Elk, and has toured internationally both with the band and as a solo performer.

With a striking voice – at times a delicate whisper and at times a brave, vocal weapon – Paul Basile writes “rustic rock anthems worthy of Band of Horses or My Morning Jacket”. It is rare to find someone who can sing and write in such prose, while preserving the raw experience of the American man. Like the ballads of Ray LaMontagne, the songs are strong, emotional and stirring.

Paul Basile Alaska Tour Dates

Wednesday, January 22     Fairview Inn      Talkeetna, AK        9:30pm

Thursday, January 23     KSUA Take Out Session     Fairbanks, AK     7pm

Friday, January 24     The Marlin     Fairbanks, AK      10pm/ $5

Tuesday, January 28     House Concert     Palmer, AK     7pm

Wednesday, January 29     House Concert     Anchorage, AK     7:30pm

Thursday, January 30    90.3 KNBA     Anchorage, AK     5:30pm

Thursday, January 30     Taproot      Anchorage, AK       9:30pm/ $7

Friday, January 31     House Concert     Anchorage, AK     7:30pm

Saturday, February 1     Studio 2200     Anchorage, AK      7:30pm

Sunday, February 2     House Concert     Anchorage, AK      2pm

Tuesday, February 4      Arctic Entries     Anchorage, AK      7:30pm/ $10

For House Concert information contact Evan Phillips // evan@monolithagency.com

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Courtney Marie Andrews

hobbsy-20130524-1527-n1-courtney-marie-andrews-san-francisco-brainwash (1)Photo Credit: Jim Hobbs

Every now and then you hear a voice that stops you in your tracks.  This was the case when I first listened to Courtney Marie Andrews.  A few months ago, Courtney emailed me saying she had heard about Monolith Agency via an NPR Marketplace story (You can listen to that HERE), and wondered if we’d be interested in working with her.  I streamed her new album On My Page, and was instantly floored.  Courtney is a phenomenal songwriter and musician, and her voice is stunning, to say the least.  In my eyes, this 22 year old songstress is THE modern day Joni Mitchell.  We couldn’t be happier to be working with Courtney for her first tour of Alaska.  - E.P.

Alaska Tour Dates (November, 2013)

Tuesday, November 12         Arctic Entries       7pm       Anchorage, AK

Wednesday, November 13      House Concert       7pm       Anchorage, AK

Thursday, November 14       90.3 KNBA Interview       5:30pm        Anchorage, AK

Thursday, November 14       Studio 2200     8pm       Anchorage, AK

Friday, November 15     House Concert      7:30pm      Anchorage, AK

Saturday, November 16       House Concert       7:30pm        Fairbanks, AK

Sunday, November 17     KSUA ‘Take Out Session’       7pm       Fairbanks, AK

Thursday, November 21       House Concert       7:30pm        Palmer, AK

Friday, November 22        Resurrect Art Coffee House        6:30pm          Seward, AK

Saturday, November 23        House Concert          7:30pm        Anchorage, AK

Sunday, November 24       Songwriting Workshop       7:30pm      Anchorage, AK

For house concert info contact Evan Phillips//evan@monolithagency.com

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Monolith Showcase 2013


8 months ago

Monolith Agency featured on NPR’s ‘Marketplace’

Photo By Alex Lewis

Monolith Agency was featured on NPR’s Marketplace today. You can read the story HERE.


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Bobby Bare Jr. to headline the 2013 Monolith Showcase

We are happy to announce that Bobby Bare Jr. will be headlining the 2013 Monolith Showcase both Friday and Saturday night.    Mr. Bare and his band will be coming in straight from Spain to tour Alaska. Tour Details below:


Tickets on Sale 8/6

Tickets will be available at www.monolithagency.com



Thursday, September 12      Denali Park, AK        Salmon Bake       10pm

Friday, September 13      Anchorage, AK      Monolith Showcase        11pm

Saturday, September 14     Anchorage, AK       Monolith Showcase       11pm

Tuesday, September 17      Palmer, AK       House Concert        7:30pm

Wednesday, September 18      Talkeetna, AK      Fairview Inn      10pm

Thursday, September 19     Fairbanks, AK     House Concert     8pm

Friday, September 20     Fairbanks, AK     The Marlin     9pm     w/ Jack River Kings

Saturday, September 21     Fairbanks, AK    UAF Pub      10pm       w/ Jack River Kings

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Ezza Rose Alaska Tour 2013


Monolith Agency is pleased to announce the Ezza Rose Band Alaska Tour 2013. We first heard about Ezza from our friends Quiet Life a few years ago, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally get them to Alaska.  If you like potent melodies, heartwarming harmonies, and fun stage banter and dynamics you will dig Ezza Rose Band.  To check out the band click here:

Ezza Rose Band Alasks Tour 2013

Thursday, July 18        Anchorage, AK     90.3 KNBA Live Interview       5:30pm

Friday, July 19     Anchorage, AK     Taproot Public House      9:30pm

Saturday, July 20     Anchorage, AK     Salmon Daze  (Downtown on G Street betwen 4th & 5th)     3:45pm

Sunday, July 21     Anchorage, AK    Private Party     7:30pm

Tuesday, July 23     Denali, AK     Denali Education Center     7:30pm

Wednesday, July 24     Denali, AK     TBA

Thursday, July 25     Denali, AK     Denali Salmon Bake     10pm

Friday, July 26     Denali, AK     Denali Salmon Bake     10pm

Saturday, July 27     Fairbanks, AK     The Marlin     10pm

Sunday, July 28     Fairbanks, AK     TBA

Tuesday, July 30     Anchorage, AK     House Concert     7:30pm

Wednesday, July 31     Anchorage, AK     House Concert     7:30pm

Thursday, August 1     Seward, AK     Resurrect Art Coffee House     6pm

Friday, August 2     Ninilchik, AK     Salmonstock     3:30pm

Saturday, August 3    Ninilchik, AK     Salmonstock     TBA

Sunday, August 4     Cooper Landing, AK      Kingfisther Lodge     7:30pm

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Alameda: North To Alaska

Alameda Press Photo

Monolith Agency is proud to work with Portland, OR band Alameda.  This 5-piece group creates a dreamy  sonic landscape combining interesting hooks, haunting vocal melodies, and creative string arrangements.  The band shapes an array of musical emotions ranging from dark and nostalgic, to playful and uplifting, providing audiences with a unique and rich listening experience.  To check out the band click here.

Alameda Alaska Tour Dates 2013

Thursday, June 20        Anchorage, AK     Taproot     9:30pm

Friday, June 21     Anchorage, AK     Town Square ‘Live After 5′     5pm

Friday, June 21     Anchorage, AK     Taproot     9:30pm

Saturday, June 22     Talkeetna, AK     Solar Fest    8pm

Sunday, June 23     Talkeetna, AK     Fairview Inn     9:30pm

Tuesday, June 25     Anchorage, AK     House Concert     7:30pm

Wednesday, June 26     Girdwood, AK     Silvertip Bar (outdoor show)   9pm

Thursday, June 27     Seward, AK     Resurrect Art Coffee House     7:30pm

Friday, June 28     Seward, AK     Yukon Bar     9:30pm

Saturday, June 29     Seward, AK     Yukon Bar     9:30pm

Sunday, June 30     Anchorage, AK    House Concert     7:30pm

Thursday, July 4     Denali, AK     Salmon Bake    10pm

Friday, July 5    Denali, AK     Salmon Bake    10pm

Saturday, July 6     Fairbanks, AK    The Marlin    1030pm

Sunday, July 7    Fairbanks, AK    KSUA Radio

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Terrible Buttons Return To Alaska

Terrible Buttons 2013

Last summer, Terrible Buttons played a handful of high energy and infectious performances across Alaska, building much deserved buzz and winning over heaps of new fans. We here at Monolith were so enthralled with the band that we formed a full time booking partnership with them in the continental US. So it is with great excitement that we announce the return of Terrible Buttons to Alaska in May 2013.

2012 saw Terrible Buttons touring extensively on their last EP, “Plates of Ether”, garnering high praise from the press, and winning them a multitude of new fans. After performing all over the northwest and California, the year was closed appropriately with a debaucherous New Years Eve show alongside NW party legends Larry & His Flask. The band also turned in performances with Langhorne Slim, Laura Gibson, Y La Bamba, Horse Feathers, and Loch Lomond to name a few.

There are no signs of TB letting up in 2013. In fact the band’s debut-full length record, Runt, is slated for release this summer. Engineered and produced by Grammy Award winner Pete Stewart, Runt showcases Terrible Buttons ability to master multiple genres. From bayou blues to downright psychedelic, Runt will be their most mature and cerebral release to date.

Although Runt isn’t scheduled to officially drop until July 2013, Terrible Buttons have decided to release a limited number of bootleg copies during the Alaskan tour. Below is a list of the bands tour dates:


Terrible Buttons Alaska Tour Dates 2013

Thursday, May 9     Fairbanks, AK     UAF Pub      9:30

Friday, May 10     Fairbanks, AK      KSUA     7pm

Friday, May 10     Fairbanks, AK     The Marlin     10:30pm

Saturday, May 11     Fairbanks, AK      The Marlin      10:30pm

Sunday, May 12     Fairbanks, AK     House Show     7:00pm

Wednesday, May 15     Palmer, AK     House Show     7:00pm

Thursday, May 16     Anchorage, AK     90.3 KNBA Interview     5:30pm

Thursday, May 16     Girdwood, AK     Silvertip Bar     9pm

Friday, May 17     Seward, AK     Yukon Bar      9:30pm

Saturday, May 18     Homer, AK     Down East Saloon     9:30pm

Sunday, May 19     Anchorage, AK     House Show     7pm

Tuesday, May 21     Girdwood, AK     House Show     9pm

Thursday, May 23     Denali, AK    Denali Salmon Bake     10pm

Friday, May 24     Talkeetna, AK     Fairview Inn     10pm

Saturday, May 25     Anchorage, AK     Taproot     9:30pm

Sunday, May 26     Indian, AK     Brown Bear Saloon     8:30pm


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