3 years ago

Truckstop Darlin’ – New record and another Alaskan tour to go with it.

If it didn’t take so long, I could imagine Truckstop’ Darlin riding up to Alaska convoy style in so many big rigs. ¬†All the while, perfecting the asphalt-induced, salt-laced lingo as they mosey on up the cowboy trail, taking in chicken fried steaks the size of tennis rackets, ¬†overflowing rye shots, and cavorting with the locals.

If the above hairy tale isn’t quite reality, one can rest assured that a guy or gal can get thoroughly rocked at Truckstop Darlin’ show. Truckstop is bringing in tow their brand new album “Hope and The Heart it Breaks” and can be seen at the following Alaskan haunts.






6/20/2012 Wednesday Humpy’s Anchorage free/9pm
6/21/2012 Thursday Salmon Bake Denali 10pm
6/22/2012 Friday Salmon Bake Denali 10pm
6/23/2012 Saturday Taproot Anchorage $5/9pm
6/27/2012 Wednesday Fairview Inn Talkeetna Free/9pm
6/29/2012 Friday Brown Bear Festival Indian 10 $
6/30/2012 Saturday Kharacter’s Homer Free/9pm



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