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Monolith Showcase 2012

2012 has been good to Monolith so far, and we want to take some time to celebrate. We usually bring up bands from out of state, but this is the time of year that we want to party with out friends in town… Besides, there are plenty of great bands here that we  like getting jiggy with. Can a guy still say jiggy? Hope so… Anyway we have some new faces, and some dudes from last year we wanted back…


The shows go down September 14 and 15 at the Taproot. 10$ for a night, or  $15 for both nights. You can still use paypal even if you dont have a paypal account.

Friday Sept 14th Saturday September 15th
Emma Hill Hawkins Wright
Matt Hopper cancelled Young Fangs
Super Saturated Sugar Strings The Sweeteners
Ghost Hands The Modern Savage
LaVoy Alex The Lion
Historian (With James Glaves)

                                                                 Friday Night 10$ – ONline sales closed

                                                                 Saturday Night 10$ – Online sales closed.

                                                                 Both Nights 15$ – Online sales closed. 

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