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Lewi Longmire Band – Alaskan Tour 2012

Lewi Longmire has built a reputation as Portland’s multi-instrumentalist “go to guy.” In the years since relocating to Portland from Albuquerque, New Mexico, he’s been included on shows and recordings by many of the Northwest’s finest bands and songwriters. He’s worked with national acts Michael Hurley, Victoria Williams, Blue Giant, Dolorean, the Minus 5 and Tara Jane O’Neill as well as local luminaries Fernando, James Low, Pancake Breakfast, Quiet Life, Little Sue, Casey Neill, Michael Jodell, the Freak Mountain Ramblers and The Peasants. More recently, though, Lewi has taken all the things he learned from working with these fine performers and has been spending his time leading a roots rock/americana band of his own, singing the songs he has written himself. The group owes much to the American tradition of good songs played with high energy, deep roots, and an unpretentious sense of fun. Their sound finds the connection between the basement feel of The Band, the raspy blue-eyed soul of Joe Cocker, the desert space of Giant Sand, the “without a net” deep space improvisations of the San Francisco ballrooms, the punk abandon of The Stooges and the quiet contemplation of Neil Young playing solo.


Lewi Longmire hits Alaska :

4/19/2012 Thursday Humpy’s Free
4/20/2012 Friday Yukon Bar Free
4/21/2012 Saturday Yukon Bar Free
4/25/2012 Wednesday Blue Fox Free
4/26/2012 Thursday Taproot 5$
4/27/2012 Friday Brown Bear 5$
4/28/2012 Saturday Marlin 5$
4/29/2012 Sunday Fairview Inn Free

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