4 years ago

Emma Hill Hangs Her Hat

Its been a crazy couple of years for Emma. With the Jet Blue flying tours, SXSW appearances, multiple cross country and trans-continental tours and the release of three albums, including last years Meet Me At The Moon, Emma has been way busy.

In October 2011, Emma made Alaska her home again. Quite simply, she wanted more time with her family, her friends and the life she knew growing up. She is still going to hit the road multiple times a year and has plans again for SXSW, Europe and more albums. Shes not slowing down, thats for sure. And guess what? We get to see and hear her more-  so everyone wins.

To celebrate her return the the greatland she is releasing an EP titled “Alaska Dear, I’m Coming Home” and to set it off right, we are having an intimate show at the Alaska Experience Theater on December 17th. Joining her is longtime friend, engineer and bandmate Bryan Daste.

The show is on December 17th, at 8pm and is all ages. You can get tickets here.


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