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James Glaves first heard Smells Like Teen Spirit twenty fateful years ago. Like so many kids in the early nineties, it changed his life. Glaves got his first guitar that following Christmas, which he played with his first band at the end of his 8th grade year. Immediately after the show James got his first phone number from a girl and realized the massive power of Rock and Roll. His foray into drums, piano, and vocals soon followed. Twenty years have passed and Glaves has gathered an incredible amount of music knowledge and know-how along the way.  James continued amassing his musical and production expertise while holed away in a cabin in Kasilof, Alaska. Fragments of expansive mornings, frosty nights, and long drives come out in every song that takes form under Glaves’s watch.

Glaves comes to Monolith with an extensive recording catalog that features some of the most exciting emerging artists and bands in Alaska.  His recordings have reached international markets, impressing critics and garnering extensive national radio play along the way…  




2013- Matt Hopper “TBA” (Mixed)
2013- Easton Stagger Phillips “Resolution Road” (Mixed)
2013- Historian “Romance” (Engineered/ Mixed)
2013- Sophia Street “Life + Shift” (Mixed)
2013- Kate McVey “Radio Pop” (Co-produced/ Mixed/ Guitar/ Piano/ Organ/ Vx’s)
2013- Ghost Hands “TBA full length” (Produced/ Engineered/ Co-Wrote/ Mixed/ Mastered/ Drums/ Guitar/ Vx’s)
2012- Broom Box “Sticky Nectar EP” (Co-Engineered/ Mixed)
2012- The Modern Savage “The Young Guns E.P.” (Mixed)
2012- Michael Howard “The Caribou and the Wolf” (Mixed)
2012- The Super Saturated Sugar Strings “Harmonic Toast” (Mixed)
2012- Jonathan J. Bower “But So Beautiful” (Co-Produced/ Engineered/ Mixed/ Guitar/ Bass)
2011- Easyhead “Chaos Theory” (Mixed/ Guitar)
2011- Amy Beth “untitled e.p.” (Mixed)
2011- Pros & Cons “Pros and Cons” (Co-Produced/ Engineered/ Mixed/ Lap Steel)
2011- Historian “Dream Crusher e.p.” (Co-Produced/ Engineered/ Mixed)
2011- Reed Lakes “Blind Art Collector” (C0-Produced/ Engineered/ Mixed)
2011- The Sweeteners “Doorways – Demo” (Engineered/ Mixed/ Mastered)
2011- Meg Mackey “Eat Your Heart Out” (Co-Produced/ Mixed/ Guitar)
2011- Kelsey Shields “Stories” (Engineered/ Mixed/ Drums)
2010- The Smile Ease “untitled full length” (Engineered/ Guitar)
2009- Pretty Birds That Kill- “Freedom For Freaks” (Engineered/ Mixed/ Mastered)
2009- Kelsey Shields “Tidewater E.P.” (Produced/ Engineered/ Mixed/ Mastered/ Drums/ Bass Guitar/ Vocals)
2009- The Wagner Logic “The Wagner Logic” (Produced/ Engineered/ Mixed/ Co-Wrote/ Drums/ Vocals/ Guitar/ Bass)
2009-Parker Longbough “Delirium in Lo-fi: Bridges to Nowhere (Co-Produced/ Engineered/ Co-Wrote/ Co-Mixed/ Drums/ Guitar)
2008- The Wagner Logic “Shark E.P” (Produced/ Engineered/ Mixed/ Mastered/ Drums/ Guitar)
2007-Kate Earl “Angelina” demo (Engineered/ Mixed/ Drums)
2007- The Wagner Logic “Easiest To Grab” (Produced/ Engineered/ Mixed/ Mastered/ Drums/ Guitar/ Vx’s)
2007-Matt Hopper “In It For the Music” Demo (Engineered/ Mixed/ Bass)
2007-Matt Hopper “Wolf Eyes” demo (Engineered/ Mixed/ Guitar/ Bass/ Vocals)
2007-Matt Hopper “Merry X-mas(get back on your skis)” (Engineered/ Mixed/ Drums/ Guitar)
2007- The Tide Waits(For No One)“un-released e.p.” (Engineered/ Mixed/ Co-Wrote/ Guitar/ Drums)








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