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The Monolith Agency is an artist-centered business who’s primary goal is to provide high quality booking and publicity services for independent musicians.   We believe that hard work and mutual investment over time is the best way for our artists to achieve a long lasting and gratifying career.

Every musician is different, but the most successful usually possess a similar set of skills. Among these the most important are commitment and hard work.

At Monolith, we are totally committed to the artists we represent.  That being said, we ask our clients to take a pro-active interest in their own careers.  The people we represent are willing to tour (sometimes relentlessly), earn a loyal fan base, and work toward maturing their songwriting and live performances.  A commitment to excellence is a commitment to success.

Our artists are tireless in their efforts to further their careers.  This is usually revealed by their willingness to set and maintain a high artistic bar for themselves,  as well as an ability to lay down and achieve realistic goals.

At Monolith, the artist will always come first.  We will not work with anyone  who’s attitude and work ethic do not run parallel with ours.  In that light, we will be tireless advocates for those whom we represent. We will always hold ourselves accountable to the same standard of talent, motivation, and commitment that we ask of our clients.

There is no room for inconsistency within our agency.  If we say we’ll do something, then we’ll do it.  If we think one of our artists has made a bad decision, we’ll let them know.  If a client we represent believes we have compromised their integrity in some manner, we will hear them out with open ears.  No matter what, we will always keep our artists’ best interest in mind.  As far as we are concerned The Monolith Agency is a family, and we’ll do everything in our power to keep it that way.


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